The Scions of Atlantis – The Tower Court

If you follow me on social media at all, you’ll hardly be shocked by another post regarding The Tarot Sequence by K.D. Edwards.

With the release of The Hanged Man coming up in mid-December (best winter-solstice-holiday gift ever!), I’ve joined a campaign to shout as loudly as possible into the ether about Rune and Brand and co.

The Scions of Atlantis campaign is being hosted by Pages Below the Vaulted Sky & Every Book a Doorway.

I can’t resist a good opportunity for book-ether-shouting, especially about these particular books, and so here I am, part of the Hanged Man Street Team. We’re split into four different courts, based on the courts of Atlantis.

I chose the court of The Tower. Why did I choose The Tower? Well, Sara said it best:


More honestly, as much as I love Rune and Brand, I also love a good mysterious character. Lord Tower is one of the most mysteriously compelling characters in the series because you don’t at all know what his motives are. He took Rune and Brand in after the fall of the Sun court, and he does seem to genuinely care about Rune, but he is hundreds of years old… and seems to have gathered more secrets than truths in that time.

I want to believe in him, for Rune’s sake… but I also don’t trust him… for Rune’s sake.

I’ll do it. Don’t even think I won’t.

And so, here we are. Team Tower for the win!

Here are the other members of Team Tower (you should follow them, because they’re awesome):

Abi Walton: Twitter – Alex W: Twitter – Geth: Twitter 

Lynn Williams: Twitter – Megan Dawn: Twitter

Sara: Twitter – Joy: Tumblr – Kat: Twitter – Jude: Twitter

Tam: Twitter – Para: Twitter

I have a few ideas of things that I can do during our campaign for MAXIMUM FUN!

  • I can do tarot readings, for a start. Virtual-tarot-readings, perhaps, but it’s all in the name of fun. I have a few decks to work with, and a bit of the know-how…. though I’ll admit that I’m rusty. I think Rune needs his cards badly read, don’t you? ^_^
  • I am planning an interview with K.D. Edwards, which is part of a blog tour in and of itself, but will very-probably coincide with my ether-shouting here. If you have any burning questions (#notsorry) for K.D. Edwards, shoot them my way, in the comments, or in a tweet!
  • I’m hoping to do some top-5 or top-10 lists, in tweets at the very least, of quotes, scenes, ideas, or suchlike that I loved in this series.
  • A giveaway (I’m getting good at these now! Practice makes perfect!) of… an as-yet-undetermined prize.

I hope you’ll join me in the fun! Ready, Steady, Go! ^_^




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