Review: Forsaken by Eric S. Fomley

Ayla will kick your ass.

It’s definitely time for some short story audiobook shenanigans! I was given a copy of this audiobook for free by the author to have a listen and to review it. What better time to do that then freaking immediately, amirite?

It is a part of a longer series of short stories, but this part isn’t very long.

In fact it took me less time to listen to it than it took me to write a review of it. >.>

When a village is attacked by brigands, a vagrant princess takes it upon herself to see that justice is done at the point of a bloody sword. Forsaken is the first tale of The Exiled Crown, an ongoing short story series.

As I said, this is a short one. It’s only 14 minutes long, but about half of that is literally this one vagrant princess just fucking slaying some bitches. So, it’s short but it was quite an enjoyable 14 minutes of my time.

Quite a fast paced, bloody, and action-packed 14 minutes that introduced one Ayla, princess of… Echor? Ichor? Which is a kingdom far away.

My one criticism here is that this would have benefited about 100% from having a female narrator. The narrator himself was… okay. Just okay. Not my favorite, but there wasn’t anything about him that was glaringly unlikable. But… since we have this badass AF lady, it would have been nice to have a badass AF lady telling me the story too.

It brought to mind another badass princess.

4/5 stars!! Do you have 14 minutes to spare? Yes you do. This audiobook is $2. The ebook is only $1 Go!


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