Review: Three Times The Trouble by G. R. Matthews 

I really loved the first two covers, but I think this one is my overall favorite because you see the whole suit!

Jumping right from book two into book three, a brand spanking new Corin Hayes adventure! I can’t help myself. Corin is awesome!

And I got an ARC of this book from the author in exchange for my honest review of it.

Corin really is awesome though. 🙂

Even when Corin does something right, it all goes wrong. Now he is on the run from criminal gangs and the law. 

With danger coming from every direction, can he save the lives of two children as well as his own? It isn’t going to be easy, but when has life in the corporation controlled cities ever been.

Sticks and stones wouldn’t break my bones, but three men chasing me would definitely be using something a lot heavier to accomplish that aim.

Corin is at it again. He gets himself into some serious trouble at home, so his guardian angel Derva finds him a job for him and his trusty Fish-Suit to get him out of the way for a while.

So, as only Corin can, he gets into even bigger trouble while on that job. He’s tasked with finding a precious artifact from a sunken container ship. Sounds normal, but when the box he finds is empty they accuse him of stealing the goods. And by ‘they’ I of course mean the Chinese mafia of this particular section of underwater dystopian Earth. Whoops!

So, while he’s locked up in their prison he meets two other prisoners, a 5 year old girl and her teenage nanny. Being Corin, he plans a daring escape, and of course, breaks the kids out too. And thus, a grand adventure full of submarine chases and Fish-Suit antics is had! He miiiiiiight have ended up in the middle of an underwater, heavily traditional, limited to use of ancient weapons……. gang war. Because of course he did. This is Corin Hayes we’re talking about.

I liked this one even more than the first two, which I liked quite a lot. This one explores an entirely different part of the world than either of the first two, which was cool. I like how Corin goes to a different place each time, but always ends up right where he started nonetheless. His own table, where nobody gives a fuck about his story.

This particular one felt like a stronger story than the one before it. I’m not sure I can explain this well, but it just felt better written to me. The plot was more engaging, and while I have always liked Corin himself quite a lot, this one had other characters that I quite enjoyed too. It was harder to put this one down, and I was finding myself making excuses to sit down and read far more often with it. Not that I didn’t with the first two, but in this case I had a lot to do besides reading, and found myself reading nonetheless. That’s a formula for a pretty great book for me!~

You know that out of all the kids shows that exist, this is going to be the one that survives for bloody centuries…

All told, I really liked it a lot! This series gets better and better as it goes!

This one is fresh and new and can be enjoyed all on its own if you’re not into reading the series from the beginning. 5/5 stars!


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