Review: The Unicorn-Eater by Philip Overby

25575669This little gem has been on my kindle for ages and it just so happened that today, I needed a laugh. And this book, I am told, and by reputable sources no less, is good for a laugh.

So, off I went.

For bounty hunter and obsessive sword-collector Katzia of Clovenhoof a trail of dead unicorns earns her a chance to gain the legendary blade Wyvernheart. All she has to do is get rid of whatever foul creature keeps eating all the unicorns. When the corpse-laden path leads Katzia and her partner, the mystical Starseer Bathbrady, into the Necrogardenia Woods, it’s soon clear that they have a big mess on their hands. Maybe more than the two sword-toting badasses can handle. With tough decisions on her plate, Katzia has to ultimately choose between friendship and shiny swords, the consequences of which have spectacularly bloody results. 

No one wanted to follow a trail of unicorn guts. Unless that person was fucked up.

I’ve got three words to describe this one. L O L. Katzia is a half-elf bounty hunter and collector of just about any sword she can get her hands on. In this story, she is promised a very special sword if she would just kindly get rid of whatever keeps killing all the unicorns. She’s pretty sure that the monster in question is on the world’s list of the 13 worst monsters ever, and that’s never really stopped her before… and I mean… sword!!!

So, she takes her partner Bathbrady, who looks at the stars to determine strategies, and they follow the trail of sparkly unicorn entrails to the monster.

But… it’s not exactly the monster they thought it was… because the monster they thought it was doesn’t have tentacles… and this monster definitely, definitely has tentacles.

This was a well written, fun as hell, snarky as fuck, swear-tacular, rollicking romp through the Necrogardenia Woods (which sounds totally like a place everyone should go. I mean, I’m not saying that I’d like to build a summer home here, but the trees are actually quite lovely), and I had quite a few laughs, which were sorely needed! Katzia is as foul mouthed and snarky as I could ever dream of. She and I could be bffs, for reals.

Fucking tentacle creatures causing trouble everywhere!

This one takes less than an hour to read and it’s worth every second of your time. 5/5 stars!


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