Review: Killer Dungeon by Phil Tucker

40201153And it all comes down to this! I’ve really enjoyed this series thusfar and so obviously I couldn’t hold myself back from finishing it as soon as I could.

I’m entering the endgame. 

Even as I gain new allies, new gear, and greater understanding of Albertus’ true plans, the odds are growing more extreme.

Whom can I trust? What is the AI Albertus Magnus trying to accomplish? What happened to archmagus Jeramy, and why is Guthorios massing an undead army so vast that it stretches from horizon to horizon?

Any sane player would quit. Any reasonable person would admit defeat. 

But I’ve got no choice.

I’m going to see this battle through to its bitter end. I’m going to unearth the secrets behind Euphoria Online – or die trying.

Wow this was a fantastic listen. One of those audiobooks that I had trouble finding time for, and yet *made* time for no matter how difficult it was to do so.

I love those. 😀

I’ll keep this as spoiler free as I can, but in this volume, things are all coming to a head, as the real reason for things having happened, or things happening are coming to light. What is the AI Albertus’ real goal in creating Euphoria Online? It’s up to Chris and his friends to find out! DUN DUN DUN Shenanigaaaannns.

This was absolutely my favorite book in the trilogy, and it’s safe to say that I really liked books 1 & 2, so the praise here is high. This one had all kinds of action, and intrigue, and espionage, and near deaths, and what have you. It was very engaging and exciting all the way through. I was immersed in the story from start to finish. I would totally play Euphoria…

…I mean, even knowing the dangers inherent in doing so. I’d be all up in that. Maybe not on Death March mode (okay definitely not on Death March mode…) but all the same, I would be all up in that.

I especially liked the romance subplot that happened throughout the series, because I can relate! I met my husband in an MMO, and so it was nice that there was the inclusion of two players who both had all the feels at each other while killing baddies on the side. 😀

Vikas Adam once again nails the narration on this one. He brought all the characters to life, and gave each of them their own accents and tones. He’s very easy to listen to for long periods of time, and so it works out when authors I like have books narrated by him. It’s truly a win-win!~

The cover of this one instantly reminded me of this guy, and anyone who recognizes who this guy is will very likely know how much he can go DIE IN A HORRIBLE FUCKING FIRE. (you can click this picture if you don’t recognize him but are really curious though, lol)

All told, this one is another easy 5/5 stars from me. I never thought I would love LitRPG as much as this, but here we are. I enjoyed this series from the start to the end. A great conclusion to a great series!


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