Review: The Squirrel Squire and the Tournament of Oaks by Erik DeLeo

42864938This little book came to my attention on Twitter one day when I saw its adorable cover, and so when it popped up on NetGalley one day, I couldn’t help requesting it.

I mean look at that cover. Just look!!!

So, many thanks to the author, as well as Xpresso Book Tours via NetGalley for the review copy.

A small but brave squirrel. An annual tournament. And threats from a dark challenger. 

Squire Puff faces many pressures, but searching for a missing knight isn’t supposed to be one of them. When things take a turn for the worse, can he face his fears and help avert disaster? If Puff can’t find the champion, he’s the only one left who can fight.

“See those three acorn caps laying on top of each other?”
“Well, that portends a crossing in the stars.”
“I don’t know what that means.”
“It means great change could be coming. Or perhaps I didn’t mix up the acorn tops enough and they stuck together when I threw them.”
“I’m not sure this is helping.”

This was a cute little middle-grade novella about a squirrel named Puff. Puff is the squire of Sir Pattercloud, the chief knight of the Grey squirrel clan, the clan which has, for many many years in a row, won the Tournament of Oaks.

The tournament is a tradition among the three clans of the park, the Grey, Brown, and Black squirrels, and this year, the leader of the suspicious Black clan of squirrels has come to fight, and he fights pretty dirty. At the same time, Sir Pattercloud has gone missing, and it’s up to Puff to find him and save the day!

So, this was a really short read, and to be honest it was a nice little break between much bigger and much darker books. It was light, often uplifting, sometimes a little emotional, and overall easy to read. This was a good story about how being little doesn’t mean you aren’t strong or brave.

So, much like I recommend the occasional How to Train Your Dragon book, I’d recommend this one to people of any age who like the occasional uplifting romp through the park between bigger books. 4/5 stars~


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  1. Excellent review – just picked up a copy for my Kindle. I enjoy the odd short book which doesn’t take irtself too seriously so thank you for drawing my attention to this one!


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