Review: Son of a Liche by J. Zachary Pike

39977753As a complete coincidence to Orconomics winning this year’s SPFBO, I finally got around to listening to the sequel, which has been in my audible library for an absolute age and a half.

A doubly disgraced Dwarven hero. A band of accident-prone adventurers. Giving redemption a second shot may have been a grave mistake…

Still bruised and heartbroken from their last calamitous quest, Gorm Ingerson and his band of washed-up heroes try to make amends for the Orcs they accidentally betrayed. But justice is put on hold when an old foe marches to the city gates. Gorm is horrified to discover a liche pitching the frightened city-dwellers on the merits of the undead lifestyle… at the head of a corpse army.

To save the city from high-pressure sales tactics and an inevitable siege, the Dwarf warrior and his misfit band hatch a harebrained scheme that lands them at the top of the king’s kill list. With death and dark magic on his heels, Gorm must craft his own pitch to round up the troops and put the undead snake-oil salesman and his army of pushers permanently out of business.

It has been said that necessity is the mother of invention. In the same vein, desperation is the father of compromise, panic is the sister of slapdash improvisation, and despair is the second cousin of quiet apathy. By that reckoning, dinner was a dismal family reunion.

I really liked Orconomics, and so when I saw that the sequel was also available in audio, I jumped on it… and then never got around to actually listening to it because…

…well because I have something like 150 or so audiobooks I haven’t listened to in my audible library and it becomes an interesting adventure to choose the next one. #realtalk I have an audiobook problem. 😀

This is the continuing story of Gorm Ingerson and his party of heroes. A liche has shown up at the city and is actually pitching the idea of being undead to the residents. It’s not just any liche though, it’s *that* liche. The one they came up against in their last quest. He and his party come up with a scheme to end his shenanigans.

And start so many more shenanigans instead.

This one was just as well written as Orconomics was. It was even funnier to me, at times, and just like it’s predecessor, it’s full of little tidbits and references to some of my favorite things in the world. For example, there is a line at one point about there ‘always being gold in the banana stand’ and I laughed out loud for it. That’s one of many.

So, it delivers on the humor. At least, to me it does!

It was well written, the pacing was great, and I still love these characters so much. Gorm himself is a great character. A dwarven berseker who is the mostly-unwilling leader of this party of heroes, each of which have their own personal problems, from a healing potion addition, to *gasp* omnimancy!

The narrator, Doug Tisdale Jr. was fantastic, just as he was in the first volume. He gives each character their own voice, some of which are hilarious, and others which suit their respective characters very well. He is very easy to listen to for long stints (I listened to this book in 2 sittings to put that in perspective. It is 20 hours long).

There *is* always gold in the banana stand. 

So, all told, this is a fantastic sequel, and a fantastic book on its own. I can’t wait to find out what happens next! 5/5 stars!~



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