Review: A Song of Flight by Juliet Marillier

36253131._sy475_I really liked the last two books in this series, especially A Dance with Fate, and so when this one came to my attention on NetGalley I was on the request button before I could blink.

So thanks to the author, as well as Ace via NetGalley for the review copy!

After a violent encounter with masked men and the sinister Crow Folk, Prince Aolu of Dalriada disappears without a trace, and his companion Galen is seriously injured.

Liobhan and the Swan Island warriors seek answers to the prince’s abduction. For Liobhan this mission is personal, as Galen is her beloved brother.

While she and her team investigate, Liobhan’s younger brother Brocc is in serious trouble. Brocc’s secret attempt to communicate with the Crow Folk triggers a shocking incident, and sends him on a path which endangers the one he loves above all else.

What brought the Crow Folk to Erin? And who plots to use them in an unscrupulous bid for power? As Liobhan and Brocc seek the truth, it becomes clear the two missions are connected – and an extraordinary mystery unfolds.

This is the (continuing) story of Liobhan, Brocc, and Dau, who are warriors of Swan Island (for the most part). In this volume, the Crow Folk are still stirring up trouble for some of the local villages and while out and about, Prince Aolu goes missing and Swan Island is on the case. Meanwhile, all is not sunshine and rainbows in the fae kingdom, and when Brocc is caught trying to communicate with the Crow Folk, shenanigans go down. 

I thought this was a lovely addition to the Warrior Bards series, though I’ll admit that I didn’t love it quite as much as the last installment (to be fair, the romance subplot in the last installment was amazing). I really like Liobhan and Dau, and so it’s very easy to cheer for them and wish for them to win the day! Brocc’s part in this story kicked me in the feels a few times, too. 

The writing was lovely, and it described a lovely world full of uncanny and magical creatures just out of sight. I have honestly enjoyed every book by Juliet Marillier that I’ve ever read. They always read as so… beautiful, even when things happening aren’t always the sorts of things that conjure images of beauty. This one was no exception. I loved these stories even more than Blackthorn and Grim’s stories. 

This was a fantastic conclusion to a fantastic series. I loved how this one wrapped everything up while leaving plenty of room for more stories in this world. 4.5/5 stars!


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