Review: The Hourglass Throne by K.D. Edwards

60284149._sy475_Squeeee. Squeeeeeeeee. If you can hear a faintly tinny buzzing sound in the distance, it is me squeeing loudly about this book. I mean, or you have tinnitus, I dunno.

Thank you to the author, as well as Pyr for the review copy of this book.

As Rune Saint John grapples with the challenges of assuming the Sun Throne, a powerful barrier appears around New Atlantis’s famed rejuvenation center. But who could have created such formidable magic . . . what do they want from the immortality clinic . . . and what remains of the dozens trapped inside?

Though Rune and his lifelong bodyguard Brand are tasked with investigating the mysterious barrier, Rune is also busy settling into his new life at court. Claiming his father’s throne has irrevocably thrown him into the precarious world of political deception, and he must secure relationships with newfound allies in time to keep his growing found family safe. His relationship with his lover, Addam Saint Nicholas, raises additional political complications they must navigate. But he and Brand soon discover that the power behind the barrier holds a much more insidious, far-reaching threat to his family, to his people, and to the world.

Now, the rulers of New Atlantis must confront an enemy both new and ancient as the flow of time itself is drawn into the conflict. And as Rune finds himself inexorably drawn back to the fall of his father’s court and his own torture at the hands of masked conspirators, the secrets that he has long guarded will be dragged into the light—changing the Sun Throne, and New Atlantis, forever.

“What’s that? What’s with the arms?” Brand demanded.

I stopped in the middle of a staff exercise, gasping for breath. “I’m keeping my balance, asshole.”

“That’s not balance, that’s the fucking dance chorus for a 1950s musical. You’re supposed to be a fighter, not a sailor on shore leave.”

Oh Brand… please never, ever change… ❤️

Well, this is going to be slightly difficult to not spoil, but I am going to keep any important spoilers on lockdown, I promise. To be honest, this might just turn into me just being incoherent about my love for the series. It happens!

This is the continuing story of Rune Saint John, his companion Brandon Saint John, and the rest of their family, who make up of the current Sun Court of Atlantis.

There are some considerable shenanigans going down in New Atlantis (where the Atlanteans relocated when Atlantis was destroyed. It is the island of Nantucket). One of Lady Priestess’ rejuvenation centers has been mysteriously attacked, and it is up to Rune and Brand, as well as some of the most powerful of the Arcana to figure out what has happened, and more importantly, why.

It kind of goes without saying at this point that I loved it. I mean, I’ve loved literally everything about these characters that K.D. Edwards has written (and if you need a good starting place to see if they are your vibe, there are a considerable amount of free stories about them on his website, go check it out!). Rune and Brand have some of the best banter I have ever read, and it will never, ever get old. Their relationship with the people in their circle is almost always heartwarming and made me tear up in spots. There is so much love and hope in this world, even among the evil things. This series can make you laugh, and sad cry, then happy cry, then laugh again within paragraphs.

This particular volume of the series made me make louder little squee noises because there appear to be hints here that… something that I really hope is happening… is, in fact, (maybe? kinda?) happening?? There is so much wonderful representation in this series that I hardly expected any more that could be applied to my own experiences, but here we are.

Finally, things came to light in this volume that kicked me in the feels a whole bunch, and then kicked me a little more. But, no matter how feelsy this one gets, it never leaves me in a place where I don’t feel like things will be okay, because these guys have each other. The masculinity is as non-toxic as a crayon as per usual, and I am here for it, and I think at this point, it’s safe to say I always will be.

Anyways, like I said, I loved it. There’s not much more that I can say about this one that isn’t just vomiting sparkles and rainbows. Read the books, y’all. They just keep getting better and better. ∞/5 stars!~


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