Review: The First Binding by R. R. Virdi


This was a book that intrigued me as soon as I first heard of it. A South Asian inspired fantasy that is similar to Name of the Wind? Sign me all the way up for that!

So thanks to the author, as well as Tor for the review copy.

All legends are born of truths. And just as much lies. These are mine. Judge me for what you will. But you will hear my story first.

I buried the village of Ampur under a mountain of ice and snow. Then I killed their god. I’ve stolen old magics and been cursed for it. I started a war with those that walked before mankind and lost the princess I loved, and wanted to save. I’ve called lightning and bound fire. I am legend. And I am a monster.

My name is Ari. And this is the story of how I let loose the first evil.

This is the story of Ari, who is a wandering storyteller. It has the same sort of vibe as The Name of the Wind, which you will see it compared to a lot.

The book is beautifully written and the world it creates is very well built and easy to imagine. I liked Ari as a character, and so his story (or stories, as it were) were easy to vibe into.

My biggest criticism of the book is that it is very, very long. That by itself isn’t bad. I like big books and I cannot lie. But, along with the sheer length of the book is the fact that it is very often slowly paced. This book took me what felt like forever to read. That isn’t necessarily bad, but it also wasn’t great.

Still, I would recommend this book a hundred times to anyone who liked Name of the Wind, because it’d be easy to assume they would like this one too. 4/5 stars!


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