Review: Ledge by Stacey McEwan

60798299._sy475_Another wonderful sounding book that I hadn’t heard about before I was contacted by the publisher and asked to have a look. It’s always so difficult to resist, but this one sounded especially up my alley, so I leapt on it as soon as I could.

Thanks to the author, as well as Angry Robot for the review copy!

After being randomly selected as a human sacrifice, instead of death, Dawsyn finds herself on a quest to save her people from their icy prison…

In a place known as The Ledge, a civilization is trapped by a vast chasm and sheer mountain face. There is no way for anyone to escape the frozen wasteland without befalling a deathly drop. They know nothing of the outside world except that it is where The Glacians reside – mystical winged creatures who bring them meagre rations to survive, in exchange for a periodic human sacrifice. Dawsyn, axe wielder and only remaining member of her family, has so far avoided the annual culling, but her luck has run out. She is chosen and ripped from her icy home, the only world she knows. No one knows what will happen to her on the other side, least of all Dawsyn. Murdered? Enslaved? Worse?Thankfully, the fates align and Dawsyn manages to escape their clutches with the help of a half-Glacian called Ryon. But trust does not come easily, and she keeps a trained axe to his throat while they journey together down the slopes. But who’s to say that the life below will be any better than the one she has run from?

Ledge is the story of Dawsyn, who is a young woman who lives on The Ledge. Dawsyn and her people on The Ledge are trapped by a vast Chasm, so there’s no escape from the Ledge itself. Once or twice a year, every resident of The Ledge must stand outside of their home and possibly be chosen as a human sacrifice by the Glacians, evil winged people who are rumored to eat people. When Dawsyn is chosen as a sacrifice, she chooses the only alternative to death available to her, which is to try and outrun the Glacians hunting her by running down the slope. Dawsyn is assisted along the way by a half-Glacian named Ryon, and as they get further and further from the mountain, feelings are felt, and many a shenanigan is had!

I really liked this one, and read most of it in one night. I felt like Dawsyn was a little over the top at times, but I largely liked her as a character. I liked Ryon as a character for the most part. The relationship that grew between them as the story went on was sweet, and a slow enough burn that I didn’t think that it was rushed. The pacing was really good, and the book was very hard to put down to do things like sleep.

All told, I liked Ledge a lot. I’d recommend it to anyone that’s into fantasy romance with a solid plot behind the romance. I had 4/5 stars of fun with Ledge. I’m excited to see what happens in the next volume of the series!


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