Blog Tour Review: The Imaginary Corpse by Tyler Hayes

42873309._sy475_I’ve heard so much about this book from friends that I couldn’t resist having a read myself, and so when approached to participate in a blog tour, I couldn’t say no!

Most ideas fade away when we’re done with them. Some we love enough to become Real. But what about the ones we love, and walk away from?
Tippy the triceratops was once a little girl’s imaginary friend, a dinosaur detective who could help her make sense of the world. But when her father died, Tippy fell into the Stillreal, the underbelly of the Imagination, where discarded ideas go when they’re too Real to disappear. Now, he passes time doing detective work for other unwanted ideas – until Tippy runs into The Man in the Coat, a nightmare monster who can do the impossible: kill an idea permanently. Now Tippy must overcome his own trauma and solve the case, before there’s nothing left but imaginary corpses.

“I’m made of cloth-“

“You’re made of my friend. And you are going to take care of my friend or I am going to knock my friend’s block off.”

I absolutely loved this one, book fam. How could I not love a book about a stuffed triceratops detective, I ask you? How could I not?!

This is the story of Tippy the Triceratops, who is a detective in Playtime Town in the Stillreal. The Stillreal is the world where Friends go, after whoever made them Real doesn’t need them anymore. So, Tippy was so important to Sandra that he became real, and when her dad died and she stopped needing a Friend, he found himself in the Stillreal.

Normally, Friends who live in the Stillreal can’t die. Not for good, at least, because it’s awful difficult to kill an idea. Until one day, a monster known as the Man in the Coat appears and starts killing all kinds of Friends. Permanently.

Well, Tippy is the best detective in the entire Stillreal, and he is on the case. The Man in the Coat must be stopped, and it’s up to him and his friends to stop him.

This book was… it was heartwarming, it was feels inducing, and it was just… so wholesome and sweet and adorable. I’m not sure what I was expecting in a murder mystery featuring a stuffed dinosaur detective, but I sure wasn’t planning on having so many feels about him, and about a hand, and an icicle, and a little blob of rainbows. But here we are. This book made me laugh, and it made me smile quite often.

Tippy is full of snark, as he is a detective and detectives are snarky, and sometimes his quips would make me giggle. He’s also full of ‘detective stuff’ which is his superpower, more or less. It’s like a sixth sense, or… perhaps like a spider-sense. It allows him to find clues, and to sense when something isn’t quite as it should be. Detective stuff is very good at detecting.

If you’re having trouble, the moon will talk to you. That’s the legend of Playtime Town. Of course the legend is true. This is the Stillreal.

“Do you talk to every Friend who seems sad?” I ask.

The moon smiles. it’s not a smile I’m ever hoping to comprehend.

“Only the ones who really need it.”

“That seems judgmental.”

The mystery stayed mysterious. The characters stayed interesting. The book flowed really well, and I had a really hard time putting it down. I’ve already recommended this book to people that I know don’t normally read, or don’t normally read fantasy, but who I feel just need a little bit of Tippy the Triceratops in their life.

Everyone needs a little Tippy the Triceratops in their lives sometimes, I think. 5/5 stars!~


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