Review: Starlings by Jo Walton

This was a NetGalley request that looked interesting. I quite liked Jo Walton's Among Others, and short fiction is a lovely 'in between' bigger novels for me. I like to sit and read a short story or two in between bigger novels as a bit of a palette cleanser, if you will, so this one... Continue Reading →

Review: Danse Macabre by Laura M. Hughes

Surprise audiobooks are the best audiobooks! I had read this lovely little novella last year with a pretty ridiculous amount of enjoyment and hadn't heard that there was an audiobook until there was! Well, I couldn't not immediately jump on it and spend the evening listening to it. The dead beckon and the little girl... Continue Reading →

Review: Dragonship by JP Ashman

A nice short story for a vacation I'm-on-the-porch-and-am-not-in-Houston-so-it's-not-hot-as-balls-and-I-can-actually-read-out-here-and-not-die-of-heat-stroke read is always a good thing, amirite? 😀 Beln, Gellborn officer aboard a red dragonship has reached the near-peak of her career. But ordered to pursue a rare, wild dragon by her sadistic captain, Beln is torn between those loyalties bred into her and those grown anew... Continue Reading →

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