Review: The Girl Who Could Move Shit with Her Mind by Jackson Ford

41155087This is one of those books that I couldn’t resist based on the title alone. The cover is great too! I thought to myself that such an interesting sounding book would be amazing in audio.

So, this review is based on a review copy of the audiobook. Thanks to Orbit for that!

For Teagan Frost, sh*t just got real.

Teagan Frost is having a hard time keeping it together. Sure, she’s got telekinetic powers—a skill that the government is all too happy to make use of, sending her on secret break-in missions that no ordinary human could carry out. But all she really wants to do is kick back, have a beer, and pretend she’s normal for once.

But then a body turns up at the site of her last job—murdered in a way that only someone like Teagan could have pulled off. She’s got 24 hours to clear her name—and it’s not just her life at stake. If she can’t unravel the conspiracy in time, her hometown of Los Angeles will be in the crosshairs of an underground battle that’s on the brink of exploding…

Full of imagination, wit and random sh*t flying through the air, this insane adventure from an irreverent new voice will blow your tiny mind.

This was certainly an entertaining book to be sure!

This is the story of Teagan Frost, who is, as you can probably guess, the titular mind mover. She is the only psychokinetic person that she knows of, being genetically engineered by her parents, who were genetic scientists. She works for a secret government team going on secret government missions, using her PK (as she calls it) in situations that it is useful in. Opening locks, not leaving fingerprints, jumping out of skyscrapers… you know. That old chestnut. But when a murder happens that could only have been done by a psychokinetic person, Teagan finds herself having to prove her innocence, while looking for the only other person like her and stopping them.

I love a crass and snarky main character, and Teagan is certainly both of those things at times. There are a lot of good characters in this one, but ultimately, Teagan was a great protagonist to root for, and definitely grew as the story went on. She’s got one hell of a past, and it has made her the person she is, and despite all that hardship, she is still, more or less, a good person. The worldbuilding was also really well done here, in my opinion. I’ve never been to Los Angeles, and yet I feel like I could imagine the setting here pretty well.

The narration was really good. We see this story from two different perspectives. First of all we have Teagan’s chapters, which are narrated by Lauren Patton. She gives Teagan all of the snark I was hoping she would in my assessment that this would be an awesome audiobook. Graham Halstead narrates the chapters seen from the second point of view, and he also did a great job, although the bulk of the story is told by Teagan.

My only real complaint with it, was that the pacing was a little slow at times, especially after the murder mystery was finished. After things kept happening, I checked a couple of times to see how much time was left in the audiobook and was like ‘wow, an hour?’ at one point. It felt a little like the movie version of Return of the King, where it goes on for another hour after all the exciting stuff is over. It’s still a good, entertaining piece of the story, but it feels like it’s hanging off the end, if that makes sense.

However, that said, some of the biggest twists in this book (and there were a couple that I did not see coming at all) were in that part of the book, so this isn’t a big complaint. ^_^

All told, I had a lot of fun with this one. I listened to it almost in one entire sitting (alas, it was just a tad too long for me to get into one sitting). Fun characters, lots of snark, lots of shit flying around all over the place, inadvertent base jumping without a parachute, government shenanigans, and more! 4/5 stars!


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