SPFBO Review: The Thunder Heist by Jed Herne

This one wasn't in my original batch but I grabbed it from Esme when she wasn't feelin it. Who doesn't love a good heist? Uh... other than Esme... 😀 A relentless thief. An impossible heist. Meet Kef Cutmark. Pirate, monster-slayer, scourge of the Twisted Seas. After a lifetime of running from her past, she’s returned... Continue Reading →

SPFBO Review: Olde Robin Hood by Kate Danley

Today it's time for a SPFBO review!  Rebel.Outlaw.Hero.Exiled for an unjust crime and forced to use whatever means necessary to survive, a figure of hope emerges from Sherwood Forest.But what most people know about Robin Hood (the enemy of Prince John and nobleman loyal to King Richard) was an invention of a playwright nearly three... Continue Reading →

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