Review: Short Changed: Stories from Ethereal Earth

51b6ftlyu6lMoving right along with my audiobook listening this year, this is a group of short stories from the Ethereal Earth series that the author was nice enough to offer me a copy of when he had finished the audiobook.

So thanks very much to the author for the audiobook copy!

How does a con man survive with no one around to fool but himself?Who does a Knight battle when the demons in the dark begin to pale next to his own?

And what, exactly, does a minotaur do when he finally gets a vacation day?

These are stories from the world of Ethereal Earth, a place where legends and myths hide among us in plain sight, and occasionally just need to get some laundry done. Here you’ll find scenes that didn’t have a place in the main series, with new events that fall between the first three books to expand the lore and give fresh insight into some of your favorite characters—all with the same snarky and sinister mix you know and love. And maybe a few secrets too, if that’s your kind of thing.

Short Changed is the first story collection in the Ethereal Earth series, an ongoing tale of adventure and excitement and intrigue…and a group of people who didn’t ask for any of it.

This is a group of stories from The Ethereal Earth series, and inside there are stories that fall between Hero Forged and Fate Lashed, and stories that fall between Fate Lashed and Blight Marked. So, read those first, if possible!

Many of the stories follow Gabe and Heather, who are the main protagonists throughout the series, however there are a bunch of stories that follow the Knight, Leopold, and the minotaur, Dante. I really enjoyed seeing some things from the point of view of Leopold, as I’ve always thought that he’s an interesting character.

Josh Erikson narrates this little book of short stories, just as he has narrated all of the Ethereal Earth series, and he’s consistently done a great job with it! His narration has only gotten better and better in my opinion as the series has gone on.

So, all told, if you’ve enjoyed the Ethereal Earth series, you’ll very likely enjoy Short Changed! You should definitely give it a read (or a listen, if that’s your jam!) 4/5 stars!~


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